Saturday, May 19, 2012


I Don't Know How Long Is It That I Have To Resist Everything ,
To Hide All The Truth In My heart ,
How Far Apart My Feet Moving ,
Your Face Is Always There .
How Hard I Try ,
You Always There .

Every Time We Meet ,
I Feel Beautiful .

Every Time He Laugh ,
I Feel Like Dancing .

Every Time He Is Upset ,
I Feel Like Holding Him In My Arms .

I Pretend To Be Still ,
How Much I Have To Force Myself ,
I Am Not That Strong ,
To Fight .
I Love You Very Much ,
Not For Day Or Moment ,
But For My Whole Life .

Can You Hear That My Heart Is Telling You That I Love You ,
I Can't Reveal My True Feeling To You ,
Because I Have You Yesterday ,
But Someone Have You Tomorrow .

Still ,
I'm Waiting There For You ,
To Open Your Heart For Me ,
I Can Only Hope You Will Know It ,
That I'm The One Here To Love You .

I'm Begging You ,
Please Know It ,
Some Day .

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